Tycoon Helps You Trade Crypto Just Like a Pro

Tycoon Helps You Trade Crypto Just Like a Pro thumbnail

With major brands and institutions joining the blockchain revolution, now it’s the best time to start crypto trading. However, trading can seem difficult, especially for rookies, considering there are so many cryptocurrencies launched in recent years.

That’s why the Tycoon software was developed; to solve this problem once and for all.

So What is Tycoon?

Tycoon is a dynamic ecosystem that helps trading enthusiasts no matter their experience. The ecosystem is driven by the profit share business model, where each participant is a winner. 

The purpose is to create trust among expert traders and newbies, eliminating anxieties and encouraging more people to join the crypto community. 

How Does Tycoon Work?

The system is quite easy to understand – being an advanced version of copy trading. 

Each trader can link their Binance account to an API key on Tycoon. This allows the software to trade followers’ assets automatically in accordance with the activities of expert traders.

If you want to join the platform, you will see a list of all the traders on the platform, ranked by their performance. You pick the most promising ones, and the software will take care of everything else. 

But What if the Trader Fails?

Well, that will certainly not affect you. 

A significant benefit of Tycoon is the fact that if the trader goes through a bad streak, the software will stop trading right away based on a predetermined max loss limit set by the user.

And if the trading stops, it’s not the end of the world. You may allocate a portion of your funds to various other skilled traders.

In fact, following more than one trader will get you a rich portfolio to use in the most critical moments. 

Benefits for Traders

Tycoon is one of the very few businesses that actually are on the client’s side. They only generate revenue if both the trader and follower have profited.

Thus, traders receive extra profits from Tycoon depending on their number of followers and their profit scores. The potential profit share allocated for Traders can reach up to 14% depending on their ranking.

In addition, traders will be provided with forecasts about the possible number of followers. So they will realize how much they can earn from Tycoon with their trading strategy. 

Benefits for Followers

Besides the potential passive earnings and the option to limit falling trades, followers are also provided with the statistics of trader’s activities.  

Another big benefit is the demo account, developed so that rookies can try copy trading without assuming risks from the beginning. 

The Tycoon Token Comes With Bonuses

Tycoon is a whole crypto ecosystem, so it would be unusual not to have an ERC-20 token of its own. The Tycoon token can be bought for $0.10 on the crowd sale until March 31st.

The main use case of the togoken is granting a discount of 25% on the platform’s fees.

About the Team

Business enthusiasts Serdar Bisi, Hakan Turgut, Semira Keklik, and Pedro Merkl were the ones who came with this innovative blockchain use. They gathered their top associates and started the development in 2018. Now it is finally released, and soon we will get the opportunity to use Tycoon’s Android version.

Join the most promising crypto-trading service now and wait for your profits!


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