Trevor Noah Exposes Fox News’ ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Hypocrisy

Trevor Noah Exposes Fox News’ ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Hypocrisy thumbnail

Unlike pretty much every other late-night host, Trevor Noah was still on hiatus when MAGA insurrectionists took over the U.S. Capitol two weeks ago. So this Tuesday, which also happened to be Donald Trump’s last night as president, was his first chance to weigh in on what happened.

The Daily Show host decided to zoom out and look at the bigger picture of how the riot proves just how much Trump has “changed American politics forever.”

“For starters, the red phone in the Oval Office will always call McDonald’s instead of the Pentagon, that’s not gonna change,” he joked, before moving on to more consequential norms that have been permanently broken. “You’ve got to admit that Trump, from the time that he ran for president, has been consistent,” Noah continued. “The victimhood and the racial resentment that came down that escalator in 2015, well those are the same that ended up at the Capitol on January 6th.”

And because Trump has “been so consistent at being himself, he’s exposed how bullshit so many other people are.” Which brought him to Fox News.

    “They spent all of 2020 screaming out ‘Blue Lives Matter,’” the host explained. “But then, when their people stormed the Capitol, and people at the Capitol were beaten and actually killed, all of a sudden Fox News is saying this.”

    After playing a montage of Fox News hosts defending the insurrectionists as upstanding citizens who were just upset with what they falsely view as a stolen election, Noah said, “Ahh, I get it now. These people weren’t ‘creepy bloggers,’ they were ‘solid, law-abiding Americans.’ And nobody is allowed to kill cops except for the people who respect cops. They can do whatever they want.”

    “The point is, you guys clearly don’t care about cops,” Noah added. “You only care about the idea of using cops to keep Black people in their place. So please, miss me with that bullshit.”

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