Evidence of Russia’s ‘likely hold’ over Trump was covered up by the UK government, according to a former British spy

Evidence of Russia's 'likely hold' over Trump was covered up by the UK government, according to a former British spy thumbnail

Since before the last election the leading (Tory) party have been sitting on an intelligence report into Russian interference in the UK.

They promised to release it after the election but have not done so.

It is believed to show that Russian online propaganda pushed hard to support Brexit and the Tory party receive staggering donations from Russian Oligarchs. It’s likely more embarrassing than criminal but at this point the refusal to release the report is becoming the story – similarly to Trump’s tax returns I guess.

The current UK government is a nationalist, ideology driven mess highly akin to the Trump movement. The party purged a substantial number of their more moderate membership and attempted to remove the UK parliament from equal footing with the executive and turn it into a lower chamber with no mandate to do so from the electorate.

They now have a massive majority, around 5 versions of Fox News gifting them widespread support and the country is on it’s knees with a botched covid response. Things are bad in America – but they are also extremely bad in the UK.

Right wing Populism is laying waste to established democracies. It’s gotten to the point now that England’s sad slow march into idiocy is going to cost them the Union. Scotland looking very likely to leave and probably pretty imminently and Northern Ireland seems to be aligning more with Ireland these days so it’s all gone a bit tits up.

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