Atlanta, GA…Friday, June 12, 2020… A new song by independent recording artist Nella-Joi, encourages African-Americans to leverage their full political, purchasing, intellectual and productive power, to change the landscape of racial injustices and inequities the community has experienced for too long in America.
The song, M.I.A. (Missing in Action), implores  the  community to not take the sacrifices made by previous generations for granted, and encourages them not to be distracted by those wanting to turn back the hands of time, by uniting and fighting in ways they haven’t fought before.
“We need to leverage our “Trump Card” and turn out to vote because we live in a critical time when basic humanity, love, respect, courage, selflessness and leadership are missing in action in our society, but it’s a new day and we have to do things differently to affect real change,” says Singer/Songwriter Nella-Joi, who recently released her first CD project, Nella-Joi Next Chapter.  “The Black community has significant political and economic power we aren’t maximizing the way we need to. The song was inspired by those fearless and strategic men and women who came before us, who sacrificed so much and paved the way so we could live better lives today,” she continued.  “We can’t afford for any of us to be M.I.A in any way, because there are some who would like all the progress made over the past 50 years to disappear, and that’s just not going to happen,” she said.
A unique, lively blend of R&B, Jazz, Pop, Inspiration and Hip Hop permeates Nella-Joi’s CD project, “Next Chapter” featuring original songs like M.I.A. Written by Nella-Joi soon after the 2016 election, the song was produced by Atlanta-based musician Qasim “Q” Coleman of 310 Productions, who also sings on the track. M.I.A. also features a sample from Curtis Mayfield, a legendary singer/songwriter whose songs were anthems for the Black community during the 60’s and 70’s.
It also includes an updated statement made famous by Singer, Gil Scott Heron, saying “The Revolution Will Now Be Televised.” The timely song also features a powerful spoken word message from up and coming Rapper, Shaka Ptah. Also, a new video of M.I.A. visually depicting the lyrics through photos and video pulled from headlines of today and yesterday showcasing the need to vote, will be released this week on YouTube.
“I hope both the song and the video captures the nation’s attention and helps to encourage our community to come out to vote like we never have before, because our future as a nation and as a community, literally depends on it,” said Nella-Joi.
Nella-Joi is the stage name and alter ego for Norma Stanley, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, disability community advocate/activist and mother of an adult daughter born with disabilities.  A 2017 recipient of President Barack Obama’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her work with the disability community, Norma Stanley/Nella-Joi works to leverage her various professional platforms to bring awareness to the often overlooked, but economically significant disability population.
To that end, she hosts and produces the weekly Nella-Joi Nation radio show sharing disability community news and advocacy on, and will be launching the Disability World TV show this summer, on the XOD (Xperienc On Demand) streaming television and music network.
The M.I.A. song has received accolades from many who’ve heard it, including XOD’s co-founder, Domonique Mitchell, a music and television producer formerly with BET and Sounds of Atlanta/Universal Records.
“Being in the music and entertainment industry for so long, great songs tend to stay in my head and this song does just that,” says Mitchell.  “Listen to the lyrics and the rap, they speak volumes!  It’s a great song for the times in which we live,” he said.
Minister Kerry Logan, says about M.I.A., “It speaks to today’s issues and issues that plagued this country and our people for over 400 years and before.”
The M.I.A. video can be found on YouTube by going to:
Nella-Joi’s Next Chapter CD and the M.I.A. song can be purchased on I-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and wherever music can be downloaded. For every Next Chapter CD sold, $1 goes to support disability community 501c3 organizations, including Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Able 2 and Autism Speaks. Nella-Joi/Norma Stanley can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@SingerNellajoia and @anelectedlady).  For more information, go to: and
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