California assemblywoman hits Elon Musk with an F-bomb after he says he will move Tesla's HQ out of state

Lorena Gonzalez, tell us how you really feel about Tesla’s(TSLA)boss.
That’s the message Gonzalez, a California assemblywoman in San Diego, delivered about Musk on Saturday night after he said he’ll be moving company headquarters to Texas or Nevada.
Her response followed on the heels this tweet:
Musk has voiced his frustrations ( reopen-america-2020-04-29) in recent weeks over California’s “fascist” approach to combatting the coronavirus. He also said Tesla plans to sue Alameda County, where health officials got in the way of employees getting back to work even as lockdown measures statewide began to ease.
As for Gonzalez, her tweet drew plenty of backlash on Twitter(TWTR) :
Gonzalez eventually followed up with an explanation as to why she fired off the F-bomb:
-Shawn Langlois; 415-439-6400;
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