Business survives pandemic with PPP funding

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — Many businesses suffered insurmountable economic ramifications from COVID-19, but one local company known for its dealings with some of the world’s top hotels managed to weather the storm thanks to relief funding.
Business is still rolling at Architectural Brass in Northwest Atlanta.
Workers at the company manufacture trash cans, bellman carts and even mobile bars seen in some of the finest hotels around the world, but the Coronavirus pandemic nearly put them out of business.

“If we had not received the funding when we did, we were literally three days from closing operations and we would have lost 65 employees who would have lost healthcare coverage and means of income for their daily livelihoods,” Architectural Brass CFO Kevin Martin said.
On Thursday, United States Senator Kelly Loeffler and Governor Brian Kemp toured the manufacturing plant on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway to see their survival story first-hand.
“It’s a good story to tell in the city of how the company is working, but they’re being safe,” Kemp said.
“What you guys have done to protect this business, but also protect our economy is really inspiring and it is what PPP is all about,” Loeffler said.
Company officials credited the Senator and Governor for making sure Architectural Brass received the federal loans they needed to keep their operation up and running during difficult economic times.
“Here in Georgia we have over 100-thousand businesses receiving about 14-billion dollars in PPP funding. Nationwide that’s about 600-billion dollars and saved about 50-million jobs,” Loeffler said.
Senator Loeffler said we’ve lost about 40-million jobs in this crisis, so any job saved is significant and they’ve been working right through the pandemic at Architectural Brass while following social distancing and safety guidelines.
By Adam Murphy

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