Atlanta, GA…Friday, April 10, 2020…Xperienc, Inc., a year-old streaming entertainment company, has been making a name for itself as an industry disrupter in the streaming industry, as a one stop shop for all content and music distribution needs. So much so, that the platform is attracting some entrepreneurial creatives from the entertainment community, including some well known music, film and television celebrities, interested in owning their share of the nearly $800 billion media and entertainment industry.
The Atlanta-based company was founded by a consortium of African American partners in January 2019, and offers their flagship product, Xperience On Demand (XOD), which reaches two billion people globally, to creators wanting the opportunity to become producers of original create unique content, as well as the ability to distribute and monetize their content.
The company was founded by African American entrepreneurs, Gerald Poe, Jr., Domonique Mitchell and Kenneth Hutchins, as a means of bringing more opportunity to people of color to participate in the media and entertainment industry. However, the responsibilities of the day-to-day operations of the company are led by two young African American women, Jasmine Baskin, who serves as CEO and Rashatta Daugett, who serves as COO and spokesperson for the company.
XOD Network Overview
“We are very excited that since our launch in early 2019, XOD has been growing steadily and is attracting some very well known personalities like professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, who prior to retiring, was featured in a signature live streaming boxing event on XOD last summer; R&B Singer Angie Stone, Comedian Bruce Bruce, Hip Hop legends Chris Martin of Kid and Play and Professor Griff of Public Enemy, as well as business and community leaders like Babbie Mason and JoJo Brim to our platform,” says Rashatta Daugett, who is also a partner of XOD. “In addition to distributing programs, music and videos on demand, XOD also provides live streaming services through Xperienc On Demand Live and Xperienc On-Demand Music, along with seasoned executives, a talented production staff, an amazing affiliate network and a new age mobile friendly VOD platform which makes your live shows and concerts flawless,” she said.
Daugett says the company takes a three-prong approach in serving media solutions for our creators to build, learn, and grow within the entertainment industry and XOD includes seasoned executives, talented production staff, as well as an affiliate network to support news programmers.
“We currently sit on well over 1,000 subscribers which surpassed our first quarter goals for 2020,” shared Daugett. “As we move into the second quarter, we are looking forward to adding to our client base with some high profile programmers and we have prepped for the competitive landscape that stands within the streaming environment, which includes the XOD app available world-wide on Android, Apple, Roku and Amazon fire devices, and plan to be the one stop for video and music distribution needs,” she continued. “There are a lot of great platforms that exist, but we want to capitalize on letting our customers know we understand their hard work and that they are well deserving of one hundred percent of their profits earned,” she said.
For more information about XOD, go to The company can also be followed on social media by going to @XODNetwork on all social media platforms.

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