#1 Rated Business Show returns with GA Statehouse Representative, Derrick Jackson and Dr. Rashad Richey

#1 Rated Business Show returns with GA Statehouse Representative, Derrick Jackson and Dr. Rashad Richey thumbnail

#1 Rated Business Show returns Samantha Krug from Tom James, Disability Advocate Norma Stanley, and from Will Hustle TV – Will Belefonte
Norma Stanley, Disability Advocate, discusses the life of a disability community advocate and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant. She tells us about her upcoming projects. (SHOWAbility Deaf Improv Masterclass, Sunday the 28th; Exceptional Parents Celebration, May 1st) We also talk about her new TV Show Disability World and Podcast, Disabled Lives Matter!
Samantha, a 24-year-old clothier for Tom James – Tailored Fashion, joins the show in studio. We discuss the life of a clothier and her role with Tom James. She gives tips on daily prospecting, calling new leads, prepping for clients, presenting the fabrics, and showing the value of her product and service. “I love what I do because I make people feel confident, build relationships, style fabrics, work along side my colleagues, and it’s fun!” says Samantha. Fashion is the way people express their creativity, and it’s worth celebrating at Tom James.
Will Belefonte finishes off the show. We discuss his recent boost in success, his promotions, and his media company. He also delves into his passion for community activism and why we all should stay involved. A native of Austin, Texas, we discuss his move to Atlanta and plans for upcoming projects.
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